Amanda Howell Whitehurst,
a freelance visual artist and illustrator who specializes in black art.
a woman with a black hair and a polka dotty dress
a woman with a black hair and a polka dotty dress
Amacie Forever

Amanda creates stunning works of black women portrayed through rich and earthy, bold digital paintings, oil/acrylic paintings, and modern-vintage style comics.

My portraits reflect who I am or who I aspire to be. A woman who is confident, beautiful, earthy, and strong. A woman who doesn’t need to be flashy or made up, but who shines in her natural state. A woman who draws attention to her eyes, because they reveal her identity and value. Music also influences my portraits, setting the mood and vibe for each piece. It helps me tap into my creativity and express myself through art.

My style ranges from the broad strokes of beautiful paintings to a Vintage Comic style with modern tones. My artwork celebrates the diversity and beauty of black women in the modern world. I use digital tools and earth tones to create illustrations that depict black women as confident, earthy, strong and radiant. My inspiration comes from the stories, cultures and experiences of black women from different backgrounds and walks of life. I want every black woman who sees my artwork to feel empowered and represented, to recognize her own beauty, strength and confidence in my images. My artwork is a tribute to the black women who have shaped me and the world around me.

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